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Msecure V6 Desktop for Windows

I have been trying for days to get any kind of help relating to a problem with the desktop version for msecure on my Windows 11 PC.  I have submitted several tickets but apart from an automated response that is all I have heard.  The programme literally just stopped working.  I have tried to redownload from the Microosoft store as it suggests but that just tells me that I already have msecure.  There is nothing to click so I can't get any help at all.  I've attached a screenshot.  I use the desktop version constantly so it is extremely frustrating but the worst part is there is no-one who is helping.  In the past when I have had problems the support has been fantastic so not sure what is going on.  I appreciate that you are busy but a week to answer a question is unacceptable

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It's great to hear everything is working after the update Danielle. Let me know if you need further assitance.

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