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Strange entries on credit card records in V6 Premium

HI, I have a problem with credit card entries. On my iPhone and iPad, and on my Windows 10 PC some of the field names are incorrect. The credit card records show two fields named “Name on card” - one of which does show the name on the card, but the second shows the PIN. There is a separate “PIN” field, but this shows the name of the bank who issued the card. My wife has a separate subscription but doesn’t seem to have this problem. I also seem to remember having a similar issue on a previous upgrade (possibly v4 to v5 I think, but not certain of that). Also although I can  amend the field names on my PC, this isn’t possible on my iPhone or iPad. I’ve attached a partially redacted screen print of an old credit card entry for your convenience.  I’d appreciate your comments please. Cheers.

Hi Nigel,

Thank you for contacting us about this, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. While I can't be sure what happened when the data was migrated to v6, I can tell you how to update the field names in the iOS version of the app, which I think will be the fastest way to fix the problem. It's not very intuitive right now, but when you edit record, double-tap on a field, and you will be able to edit the name instead of the data stored in the field. Alternatively, you can edit the record and tap "FIELD SETTINGS" at the top right of the fields. In that nested settings mode, a simple single-tap will make it possible to change the name of the field.

One thing to mention, I would double-check the Template for the record to make sure the formatting is correct for each field. That way, you'll at least know as you create new records that things will be right.

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