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App freezes on Android Phone after upgrading from mSecure 5 to mSecure6

I upgraded from mSecure 5 to 6, and since I did mSecure won't open again. If I try to open it, the opening screen shows and then it freezes, the screen goes blank (sometimes white, sometimes black). I have then to manually end the App several times, before my phone goes back to normal.

So no way to access my stored passwords at the moment.

When I connect the handphone via kable with the computer the file directory still shows the folders with the name mSecure5.

I don't dare (at the moment) to delete the App and try to reinstall it because:

- I am not 100% sure that I still have the right password (as I always used the fingerprint to log in).

- I still have the QR Code you once sent by mail

- I don't find the licence number back (also not sure if I ever got one).

Before I updated to mSecure6 I made a backup of the data on my handphone which is now saved on my computer (Apple).

I am not able to install mSecure6 on my desktop - first because my Mac OS version is 10.12.5 (too old) and second because I don't remember my Apple ID password (its in mSecure!). I also don't want to update my Mac OS!

My handphone is:

Poco Phone F1


MIUI Global Version 12.0.3

Thanks a lot for any advise, ideas or solution!


Hi Breinersdorf,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. I just ran into a similar situation with another customer, but at this time, we don't know what's causing it to happen. The first thing we need to do is figure out if you know your password. The good news, you can now sign in to your account on our website to see your account details, though it's not possible to see your data.

Go ahead and open "" on either of your devices, then tap/click the "LOGIN" button in the top right of the page. Enter your mSecure account's email address and password and try to sign in. Were you able to sign in to your account? If so, that will tell you that you do know your password.

Hi Mike, good news, I was able to log in and my password is still working - means I have the right password.

What should be my next step? 

Hi Breinersdorf,

Ok, that is very good news! We have a couple of options moving forward. The safest would most definitely be to find another device you can install mSecure 6 on, and sign in to your account. Even if this was a device owned by a family member or friend, it would be the way I would strongly recommend us following here. I don't think you would have any problems restoring from your backup if you reinstalled mSecure on your Android device, but I always try to find another device to use before doing that, because you just never know what can happen, and there's too much at stake.

Is there any way you can find a different device that you can install mSecure on? It's only temporary, and after you're done, you would delete the app, of course. That leaves no trace of the mSecure information on the device, so it would be safe.

Hi Mike, I installed mSecure6 on my husbands handphone but it won't let me sign in with my  existing account.

Please see attached screen shot for the message I get.
I am afraid if I create a new account, like asked for in the message, I won't be able to see my current data?

Any suggestion?

Second update - I was in the end able to log in with my current account on my husbands phone, but after putting in the password the application asks for my legitimation QR code - which I still have. But when scanning the QR code the application tells me this QR code is not associated with my account eMail? So no way to log into my account. The eMail with the QR code is dated from 14. October 2018 and was send to the eMail address I also use for my mSecuer account log in. Any suggestion?

Hi Breinersdorf,

I'm sorry you're running into this issue. I just checked your account, searching for the email address you are using here in the forum, and I was able to find it. It looks like you changed your password back on July 30th of 2021, and that's the reason why the QR code isn't working. When you change the password for your account, the QR code has to be updated, because the key for your account is updated. That QR code is your Account Key encrypted with your password, so the QR code you have isn't able to authenticate you since you now are using a different password.

Do you by any chance see a different QR code in your email account dated around July 30th of 2021? You can try searching your email, being sure to include spam folders, because it's possible it went to spam when it was sent from our system.

HI Mike, thank you, you are genious! I found the email with the new QR Code and was able to sign in to my account on my husband's handphone.
I made another backup copy on my husband's handphone, but I did not dare yet to make a backup sync in the cloud.

I just want to make sure, that if I make a backup sync in the cloud, all the data get included and the old (valid) data won't be overwritten by anything new (empty)?

So, what do you suggest as next step and how can I get mSecure6 to work (including my data) on my own handphone.

Hi Breinersdorf,

It's great to hear you were able to find the QR code in your email!! I checked your account, and since you have mSecure Cloud syncing enabled for your account, the data stored in your mSecure on your device should have synced over to your husband's device. I think it did, based on your last message, but I just want to be absolutely sure before proceeding. Do you see all your information now in his mSecure apps?

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