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Unable to enter a field name when adding a new field to a record

Hi all, I’ve just added a new field (tried alpha numeric and text type) and have been unable to give the field a name of my choice. It’s just saying “Alpha” or “Text”. Anyone else found this and if so what’s the fix?

I'm able to give the field any title I want IF I do this on my PC..(image attached)...however, like you, I cannot do this when editing records on my Iphone. (image also attached)

The same occurs for me...when using Iphone to edit records...however, when I try on my PC works . I've attached images...

Thanks, I hadn’t tried it on the pc so I’ll give that a go. But needs mSecure to fix this asap please.

Noella and mSecure, I’ve just found that I need to double click the field name in IOS to be able to enter a new customised field name, or to change an existing field name in IOS. Success! are so right!!  Gosh, I love these forums!  I learn so much... Thanks @Nigel

Hi Guys,

Sorry for the ultra-mysterious requirement of having to double-tap the field label in the default edit view. There's a reason for it, but it is really not very obvious at all. I'm not sure how we'll do it in the future, but this either has to be changed or we have to somehow tell users how to set the label in that screen.

The intent is that you would only change the data for the field in the default view, so if you single-tap you get to the data part of the field. Then if you go to the field settings by tapping the gear at the top right of the fields section, it's thought that you wouldn't really need to edit the data in the field, so a single-tap goes to the label part of the field. Once you know what's happening, it might feel a little more intuitive, but this is not something we love. It's definitely more complicated than we want it to be, and you both are the first ones to confirm that to be true.

Again, we'll be looking at this part of the app for future development, and if you have suggestions, we'd be happy to hear them!

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