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My msecure5 App reads only my husband's devices.


My husband and I share the same mSecure account. It worked very well for years with mSecure4. But with the mSecure 5, the App does not read my iPhone or Desktop. 

I have tried to contact your support team, but no direct answer to my problem. Instead, someone sends sites that do not correspond to my problem. It is frustrating.

Is there a way to talk to someone or have a serious service team addressing  my problem?

Thank you.

Sorry for the long time in getting a response. We are currently overloaded with request after the mSecure 6 release, so things are very busy right now. Also, the response you received via email was not a personalized response. We send out an automated response with answers to frequently asked questions and issues in hopes that users will find a solution without having to wait for us to get to their email in the support queue. We think this is better than making everyone wait, as it's possible many could be helped with the answers it gives them.

The first thing I need to do is figure out the state of things. You mention that mSecure 5 only reads your husband's devices, but I'm not sure what that means. Are you saying that you were able to install mSecure 5 on your husband's devices, all your data was transferred and everything works for him? If that's the case, were you able to download mSecure 5, actually it should be v6 now, onto your devices, and if so, what happens when you open the app and try to sign in to your account?

Hi Mike,

Thank you for your answer. 

I believe I fixed the issue.  The only thing left now is how to synchronize my husband’s info with mine and vice versa. We have created members in the Sharing Center.  We are reciprocally owner and member. 

So, how do we synchronize our info? Does the system do it automatically or do we have to physically do it. If so, how do we do synchronize each other’s devices? 

Thank you for your patience. 

Marie-Catherine Bearden

Hi Mari-Catherine,

One thing I do need to clarify, if you have no problems sharing all of information between the both of you, you won't need to use the Sharing Center. The features in the Sharing Center are only needed if you want to share only certain portions of your data while keeping other pieces of data private.

Are you and your husband ok with sharing all the information stored in mSecure? If so, I just need to help you get all your mSecure apps signed in to the same account.

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