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Deleting an attachment from version 6

How do you delete a photo attachment from this new version. In the older version, I was able to see the actual photo I was deleting. When I click the edit pen, all photos turn to waste paper baskets and I cannot see the photo.


I have the same issue. Right now, what I do is view the attachment in the record window and then I click on edit and remember the image location in the attachment window in order to delete it.  Not ideal, but I'm hoping that future enhancements will deal with this issue.

Hello @Gary and @Noella,

I can't remember exactly, but I didn't think we changed the way attachments were deleted, but I must be thinking of something else. At any rate, when you edit a record, the trash can icon over the top of the attachment indicates that if you click it, you'll delete the attachment from the record. When you click the trash can icon on the attachment, does it remove the attachment, and does everything get saved correctly when you save the changes on the record?

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