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Problems Syncing my Mac Book Pro to my iPad

I've upgraded mSecure 5 to 6 on my Mac Book Pro, iPad Pro and i phone.  With version 5 it worked perfectly but now with version 6 my Mac Book only syncs to my iPhone. The Mac Book has Catalina 10.15.7  OS and the iPad has an iPad OS 15.3.1. I'm trying to sync using iCloud and have set up an iCloud email account on all three devices. Can anyone offer me any suggestions as to what I can do?


Hi John,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. We can definitely work on the iCloud sync feature if you would like. The one thing to mention is that sync feature is notoriously difficult to troubleshoot, because all of the actual syncing of data is handled by Apple's iCloud services. mSecure simply hands of the data to the OS, and after that, mSecure on the other devices simply queries iCloud to see if there are any changes. Everything is working between two devices, but if you are signed in to the same Apple ID on all three devices, there's all sorts of reasons why the sync may not be making it to that third device.

If you want to troubleshoot this, we will need to start by seeing if iCloud syncing is working in general with the device where mSecure's data is not getting updated. A much simpler solution would be to use mSecure Cloud for syncing, as we have control over that entire system. Are you open to using mSecure Cloud syncing by chance?

Thank you for your comments and yes I am open to use mSecure Cloud. I've been working on the problem and have discovered that if I add a new item to my iPad, that is already on my Mac Book, it automatically syncs to the iCloud. Then if I carry out a sync on my Mac Book, the new entry that I had just made on my iPad,  drops across to my Mac Book as a second copy of that entry, so I delete the original that was already on my Mac Book. I then carry out a sync on my Mac Book and the change I had made then syncs across to my iPhone as a changed version of the entry that was already there or as a second copy. The iPad won't sync if I make a new entry on my Mac Book so the syncing does work backwards. It seems that the only way it will work is that I have to  make a new  entry to the iPad first. It's a process and if I do it this way, then I get the results I desire. 

If I change the settings on all three devices to sync using mSecure Cloud, is that all that is needed for them to sync on mSecure Cloud, and can I go back to iCloud if it doesn't work?


Hi John,

The only change that should be needed here is to go to mSecure's Sync Settings on one device and change over to mSecure Cloud syncing. You should then close mSecure on the other devices, and open it again. After opening mSecure on the other devices, they should see that mSecure Cloud syncing has been set, and the syncing should work.

Did that take care of the problem?

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