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MSecure5 Pro upgrade to MSecure6 Premium


I understand that my 5pro account will automatically be converted to an essentials account at no cost to me, and requires no subscription.  First question, will this be free to me forever or will I be required to at some point to pay for a subscription?

2nd question,

If I do decide to upgrade to the M6 Premium subscription at a 50 % discount, and then at some point decide it just isn't for me, will I be able to move back to a free Essential account since I'm a Pro5 user, or will I be forced to pay for an Essentials subscription because I am downgrading from Premium 6?  I would like to think that Essentials 6 would still be available to me for free since I am a Pro5 user.

Thank you and I will be awaiting your reply.


They are changing to a subscription model, the days of a perpetual license for major versions are gone.  In exchange for the 5.x Pro license you bought you were given the gift of the cheapest subscription model for free for mSecure v6.  We made sure it was installed automatically to save you the trouble of trying to stay with v5.   You should be grateful that they took your perpetual license away and gave you a more feature-rich product without giving you a choice.


Read about the Subscription Model


With the extra money that mSecure will earn from new users, they can afford to pay their employees and more features can be released.  This means more frequent updates that you can enjoy.  Now with this being said, your free license will not be last forever, at some point in the future you will be required to pay a license fee.  If I had to guess, probably either 1 year out from the anniversary date of your free upgrade or when mSecure 7.x comes out.


You don't have to worry about updates because we will install v7 right on top of v6 just like we did from v5 to v6.  They will post on their blog and send you emails about the new features coming and it will be your choice to continue using mSecure by making subscription payments.  One day you will log in and discover that v7 was automatically installed and can start making payments then.  It's only assumable that v7 is the logical upgrade from v6.


We hope to win you over with top-tier support and upgrades on a regular basis.   Don't be surprised if mSecure v7 is released soon.  You're Welcome.


Love Disgrunteled Member

This question is intended for the MSecure team first, not other users. I would appreciate an answer from the MSecure support team first, before other users chime in. Thanks. Mike

@Michael Thank you for asking for a direct response. For your first question, we are guaranteeing that all users with a v5 Pro license will get an Essentials subscription for at least 3 years. This next part is probably not important, but we don't have any plans to charge our v5 users for an upgrade in the future.

If you were to upgrade to mSecure Premium, you will get the 50% discount indefinitely, as we don't have plans to ever make a new mSecure app. Also, if you have a v5 Pro license, you can try Premium for however long, and then if you cancel the subscription, you will still have an Essentials account at no cost.

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