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Change Tags ??

Would it be possible In the batch editing screen on PC version of mSecure, to add  "Change Tags" - similar to what appears on Macbook version ?  Right now on PC I can "Set Tags" but can't "Change Tags".

Really loving this software version...

Hi Noella,

You can use Set Tags to change tags as well. That was a difficult label to come up with, because there's quite a bit you can do with tags in the batch editor. You can add, remove, and change tags using that feature. The way you change them is to simply select all of the records for which you want to change tags. In the batch editor, you should only see tags that are the same on each record. For example, if you have three records, and they have multiple tags, the only tag or tags that will show up in the batch editor are the ones that all of the records share. So if all three of the records have the "Entertainment" and "Family" tags, then those will both be shown in the batch editor. However if one of the records also has the "Shopping" tag on it, that tag won't be displayed in the batch editor.

After you have selected the record, you can remove one, many or all of the tags, then you can add new tags if you would like. The tag you add will be added to all of the records.

Does that all make sense Noella?

Thanks Mike...that explains it very well!! It's a great feature.

No problem Noella! And thanks again for all the help in the forum =)

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