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Resizable records/notes in mobile version

A while back, I suggested that it would be nice if the notes section, or even better the entire single record display, could be sized by the user for more comfortable reading.  It looks like despite the suggestion was welcomed, this hasn't happened in M6 mobile.  Any chance it ever will?


Hi Jay,

I feel like I remember this request, but I'm not sure I understand fully what you are asking. Are you talking about being able to pinch and zoom on the record's details view so you could make the content larger?

You got it Mike, that is exactly what I mean. Any chance of that happening?  This is actually already available when viewing an attached pdf. 

Hi Jay,

I talked to our developer about this, and, unfortunately, he let me know it's not possible to implement this type of feature. The view of the details for records is much like the view for contact information in the Contacts app. You can see in that app, the only way to make the content bigger is to adjust the font size in iOS's Settings.

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