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Another automatic update complaint

So now that I was "upgraded" automatically to version 6 on my Windows desktop, I'll have to go by memory on how v5 was like. 

- I'm having a difficult time reading the fonts on v6 and cannot find a way to increase the font size. 

- All of the "modified" dates are set to yesterday which is of no use. Sorting my password list by date now results in the newest entries to be at the bottom with not way to toggle "oldest-to-newest" to "newest-to-oldest". 

- No longer syncs via wifi to my phone because at least on my phone I have a choice on whether or not to upgrade

- When I upgraded 4 to 5, I was able to install them side-by-side before committing to switch THE MOST IMPORTANT APP on my phone to the new version

- I understand switching to a subscription model will help you company survive but you lost the one reason I used to recommend mSecure to friends. Now you will need to compete head-to-head with the big players. Good luck with that.

- I'm assuming I will need to forever look at the nag screen at the bottom left of my desktop app. 

So that sums up my first 10 minutes with v6. I'm sure I'll have more to  add to this.

Hi Ron,

Thank you for your feedback so far. I'll address each point below.

1) For the most part, in all platforms, the font size has not gotten smaller in the new app. In places where it has been changed, it has been made larger due to user requests in V5.

2) The modified dates should not have been reset, but I need to know which platform you are on to see if I can get to the bottom of what happened.

3) It should sync via Wi-Fi. Nothing has changed, so if something is going wrong, we'll just have to figure it out so you can sync again.

4) We will most likely never create a new app for mSecure again like you mention in going from v4 to v5. While that may have been helpful in your context, I can assure you it was not received well by a great many of our users. This is actually one of the main reasons we didn't create a new app when deciding to move to a subscription model. Instead, we decided to give all our V5 paid users free access to all of the features they already had in the old app.

5) Ok.

6) The banner at the bottom of the left column or menu on mobile stays there unless a subscription is purchased.

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