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existing Tags not selectable in Record Editor [v6]

 Why are existings Tags not selectable when creating a new record or edit a existing record? Unfortunately there is only an empty text-field available.

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Hi Oscar,

I'm not sure what you mean here. Tags don't work the same way as groups, so the UI has changed. You have to start typing in the text field, then you should see the existing tags in the system. After you see the list under the text field, you can click on it to select it.


If you have an Android device, the tags feature will be getting overhauled soon. For the first release, you have to type in tags with commas separating them. There will be full UI for tags in Android as soon as it can be added.

I have the same problem in every version of mSecure. 

If I edit an entry and want to change or add a tag, there is no list to choose from. 

I've just moved over from Passwords Plus and all my previous 'tags' have been carried over and are listed when I want to filter any tag. IE. Filtering tahs works but they aren't listed when editing an entry.

@Robert I'm not sure what you mean here. You have a Premium subscription, so all the functionality with tags should work as intended in all of your mSecure apps. What do you mean when you say there is no list to choose from? Also, are you seeing this on your PC or your Android device? Do things work differently on your Android than on your PC?

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