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mSecure 6 Essentials Account - Wifi Sync?

I'm sure mSecure thinks they've been clear about the mSecure 6 upgrade. The statement was made that if you had the paid mSecure 5, you would not lose any features.  However, not that I've been "upgraded" to mSecure 6, it seems I now have a 30-day free Premium license and the language they use about the features for Premium includes things like cloud and wifi sync which we had with mSecure 5 Pro.

So, my direct question is, after the 30-day trial of Premium ends, will I be able to do wifi sync with my Essentials account?

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Hi Jay,

We're having a bit of a problem understanding where the confusion is coming from. We've let everyone know that if you have a v5 license, you won't have to pay for a subscription, and you won't lose any features. Everyone gets a Premium trial for 30 days, because we want everyone to experience everything the new app has to offer at no cost, which should be a benefit. If we took away your license and you lost all functionality after the 30 day Premium subscription, wouldn't we lose yours and probably 90% of everyone's business? We would never do a thing like that to our customers, not just because that's an awful thing to do to people, but because we would utterly destroy our business.

Depending on which platform you are using, you will see one of a couple of messages in the Account Settings of mSecure. If you are on Mac, iOS or Windows, it will tell you have an Essentials Account and that you're in the Premium trial. If you're on Android, you'll see you have a "v5 Paid Trial" which also means you have an Essentials account that is now in the Premium Trial. The Android's message is not very good at all, and it is going to be updated in a new release today, but the others clearly state you have an Essentials account with a Premium trial.

Is your confusion coming from the Android version's messaging?

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the response.  

For me at least, here's where the confusion came from - in the windows version, when I click on "Learn More" under the XX Days remaining in your Premium Trial, I get a screen that shows the features of the Premium version which includes "Syncing (Cloud and Wifi)" and "Backup and Restore" both of which I had in mSecure 5 Pro.   I've included a screen cap of this display.  Since I have the Essentials version, it's not too much of stretch to be concerned that after the trial period is over, I could lose that functionality.  

Hi Jay,

Thank you for the followup on this. We have since learned from a couple of other customers experiencing the same confusion. The message you are pointing to in the app is an oversight on our part and will be fixed in a release we will be publishing this week. If you look at the message, you'll see the bullet points are different colors, and at a time in our development, those colors delineated between Premium and Essentials - Premium being white bullets and Essentials being yellow bullets. Things changed, and we overlooked updating this message before release. It should clearly tell you which features belong to each subscription tier.

Thanks Mike.   Yes, the white vs yellow decoder ring would have probably reduced the concern of many users.  Makes sense now that I know how to read the chart. 

I totally understand why it's confusing, because it is. The white and yellow dots next to the feature are not helpful, because it still just says 'premium features' at the top of the list, and nothing saying that one color indicates premium and the other is essential.

@Karin Did it seem like I was saying you shouldn't have been confused? We understand the confusion which is why we're in the process of updating the messaging.

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