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3/19/2022.  My mSecure 5 will not open!

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Hi Rhoda,

What do you mean when you say mSecure 5 will not open? Are you seeing some type of message when you try to open the app?

 Hi Mike,

This means a black monitor with a blue botton on which a white key is depicted.

After about 2 minutes, the black screen dissolves and the program can still not be started and used because the input of the password is not possible, because the required field does not appear.

I have the same problem today.

@Armin Thank you for the clarification. Since @Rhoda posted, we have since run into a few other users experiencing the same issue. We're now in the process of debugging it, but it has turned out to be much more difficult to track down than we thought it would be. Would you be willing to download a logging build to help us gather information on what's causing this to happen?

Hello Mike,

Of course I'd be willing to download a logging build to help.

But unfortunately I don't have the information and therefore the possibility to do so.

Who do I contact and/or do I need to look for information on how to create this logging build file on Windows 11?

@Amin Thank you for your willingness to help with this. Go ahead and send an email to "" with the email address you use for the Windows Store app. After you send it, let me know here in the forum, and I'll respond to you after I see it to let you know you can download the new build.

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