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Msecure 6 Subscription question

Hi all,

I'm thinking of getting the subscription to get the ability to add multiple tags to records etc.  What happens to all the records with multiple tags, and any other Subscription feature if you decide to cancel the subscription at any stage?

Also, if I take out a year subscription and cancel within that year, does it cancel right away, or do you get the rest of the year before it cancels.

Lastly,  I assume it's easy to cancel at any time?

Also, if you have an Essentials plan currently and then upgrade to Premium, and then cancel later.  Does it revert back to Essentials for those of us that already had V5 Pro previously?

Hi Geoff,

You don't lose your v5 license, so if you purchase the subscription and then cancel it, you have the Essentials v5 Paid account still. If you cancel the subscription and don't get a refund, then you'll have access to the subscription until it expires. So if you sign up today for a 1-year Premium subscription, then cancel tomorrow and there's no refund, you'll have Premium access until March 21, 2023.

For tags, I'm not entirely sure how that will work in the future. It may be that the tags you add to the record will still be viewable if you cancel the Premium subscription, but I'm not sure. I would have to talk to our developer about how that will work.

Great.  Thanks Mike

No problem at all Geoff! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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