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Can I see info on leaked passwords, like from Have You Been Pawned, as other password managers have?

Topic says it. 1Password, Dashlane etcetera have functions that show if my passwords have been found on dark Web or other places among lists of hacked accounts.

In mSecure I see a list that grades the passwords as old, weak and so on. But no function that shows if my passwords have been leaked?

maybe that is not an important feature?

Hi Tomas,

In mSecure 5, and for the first release of mSecure 6, we don't have "Have I Been Pwned" support. However, it is already on our roadmap for future versions of mSecure 6, so it will be a priority after the initial v6 release.

I need your help from fake accounts

@Miko I don't understand what you are reporting here. Do you need help with mSecure?

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