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I have iOS 15.3 on an iPhone 7. MSecure version 5.7.3. Every time I log in the app crashes. I can’t get to my passwords!

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@Mark Since you can't open mSecure on that device, troubleshooting is a bit trickier to go about, but we can still do it. For the iOS version, encrypted auto-backups are created automatically and stored in your iCloud account, so I'm going to send you instructions to check for backups in the Files app on your iPhone 8:

  1. On your iPhone, find the Files app and open it
  2. Tap "Browse" in the bottom right
  3. Tap the "iCloud Drive" folder
  4. Tap the "mSecure" folder
  5. Tap the folder named with what appears to be 10 random characters
  6. Tap the "backups" folder

You should see 5 backups in that folder, and each should contain a timestamp in the name. Can you tell me what is the newest backup you see in that folder?

Mike... that is going to be a problem, I don't use an iCloud account. I did the above and I can confirm that I have not turned the iCloud Drive on. Do I just need to go back to the last backup I have... Dated 10/27/2021?

@Mark The crashing is getting more and more peculiar now. I'm starting to wonder if what's causing this is that you're not using iCloud Drive. That shouldn't be a problem, but if there is a bug in this part of the app, it may not be handling that you have iCloud access turned off. I still have some ideas on how to help, so we won't give up yet.

First, on one of your other devices, go ahead and restore from the backup you have that was made in October of last year. That way, you'll at least have access to most, I hope, of your data.

The next thing I would like to do is have you install the beta version of mSecure 6. It's technically a beta, but it's either the final the next to final beta version before we release the app to the public, so it's ready for public use. I'm hopeful that version will fix the problem you're having, and if not, we'll be able to turn on logging to give the developer a better chance at figuring out what's causing the problem.

One thing to note, if you do download the beta version, you will be upgrading your account, which means you'll need to download v6 on all your devices. Though it will run without any problems, mSecure 5 will no longer be able to sync data with other devices.

Mike - I was able to restore the 10/27 backup on my PC. The problem is I put in about 15 new passwords for my new job in December. 

I will try the version 6 tonight. Thank you.

Hi Mark,

It's good you were able to get a lot of your data restored, which I'm hoping can help at least to some degree. Now we need to get you set up to use mSecure 6.

I'm going to send you an email via our ticketing support system, and we'll continue all of this in that channel. You'll receive an email from me in the next few minutes.

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