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MSecure5 crashing

My iPad and iPhone running IOS 15.1 are crashing but works fine if I using my laptop (Windows 11). When I enter my password it opens normally, then it starts to synchronize and then the app crashes this happens in about 2 seconds. I noticed this right after the IOS 15.1 update.

Hi Carl,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. I'm not exactly sure what's happening here, but it looks like you are using Dropbox syncing, so it might be that the sync file has become corrupted in some way. On your PC, can you go to mSecure's Sync Settings and try turning off syncing. After you turn syncing off, go ahead and open mSecure on your iOS devices to see if the app still crashes, and let me know the results.

Thanks for the quick response Mike, your suggestion worked. I went to my desktop and turned off syncing and it’s not crashing on my IOS phone anymore. My only question now is what do I have to do to get all devices synchronized again without crashing?

Hi Carl,

It's good that we now know what's causing the problem. I think if you simply delete the sync file stored in your Dropbox account, that should take care of the problem. It will be recreated, and then any bad data that may have been causing the crashing should be removed.

To delete the sync file, please follow the instructions below:

  1. On your computer, open your Dropbox folder
  2. Open the "Apps" folder
  3. Open the "mSecure 5" folder
  4. Open the folder that looks to be named with what appears to be 10 random characters
  5. Delete the "data.mssb" file

After that file is deleted, go ahead and open mSecure on your main device so that the sync file gets recreated, and then open mSecure on your other devices. Does mSecure crash on your iOS devices still?

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