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Just updated from Mojave to Big Sur jumping the one in between. I just re-purchased App to ensure compatibility v. 3.5.7 arrived and my data survived the transition.  But now I am not getting a sync between phone and computer. 

I assume the computer is the problem but no way of knowing. Please advise.

Hi John,

Thank you for contacting us. I'm not sure what you mean here when you said you re-purchased mSecure. You shouldn't have had to do that after upgrading to Big Sur. Also, if you purchased the app again, I would recommend purchasing a v5 license instead, because it includes an account-wide license, so all your devices are covered. The older version of mSecure is no longer sold for iOS or Android, so if you don't have access to the old app on one of those devices, you won't be able to keep your data in sync, as the old and new versions of mSecure can't sync with one another.

Do you know which version of mSecure you are running on your phone?

When I completed Big Sur upgrade Msecure App seemed to disappear from computer. So I went on-line and purchased it assuming I would get the latest and greatest.

The license key is  9239CB7A-4F36D42C-945465AF-3238F58C-A6CF18B9. 

It tells me it is 3.5.7 

If it is superseded why was I able to buy it?   The Phone is running v.5.7.3

Iphone is on 5.7.3

The new License I just bought is 9239CB7A-4F36D42C-945465AF-3238F58C-A6CF18B9 which computer says is 3.5.7

How was I able to pay USD21.00 for a superseded, no longer supported version?

Phone is running v.5.7.3

My new license is 9239CB7A-4F36D42C-945465AF-3238F58C-A6CF18B9

How was I able to spend USD21.00 on a superseded version?

I keep sending replies I can't see.  Phone is v. 5.3.7

Hi John,

For some reason the system is needing me to permit the responses you are posting, and I'm not sure why. The reason you are able to purchase the old version of mSecure for Mac is because people still want to use that version of the app, and if you were only using mSecure on a desktop computer, there would be no problem in doing so, at least not at this time. The good news is, I can simply add a license to your mSecure account, and then you can download mSecure 5 onto your Mac and sign in to the account.

Actually, I just checked your account with the email you are using here in the forum, and it looks like you already have a license for it. Also, it shows you have a Mac computer signed in to it. Were you able to get mSecure 5 set up on all your devices?

Hi Mike!

How can I Sync my Iphone an my computer (Mac)? I have the V5


Hi Gloria,

I checked your account, and it looks like you are using iCloud syncing for your account. I also saw that you're using mSecure 5 when mSecure 6 has been released. Are you waiting to install mSecure 6 for some reason?

With regards to syncing, if you have both devices running mSecure 5, you should have no problems syncing. However, it looks like you are trying to use iCloud syncing, and that is a particularly difficult sync feature to troubleshoot. Most all of the syncing is handled via Apple's iCloud service, so when something goes wrong, there's no way for us to debug it. Would you be interested in using mSecure Cloud syncing instead? It's incredibly simple to setup as you just change to mSecure Cloud syncing in mSecure's Settings, then the syncing just works. The security is the same because your data is never synced outside of your device in an unencrypted state regardless of the sync feature you use. The app itself is what keeps your data safe and not the cloud system.

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