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msecure data backing up?

My google pixel 3 failed the other day and on my new pixel 5 the msecure app restored but no data. Can you confirm the status of my account - whether it was backing up data.  I assumed it was because I received a QR code 0n 27 October 2019...

Thanks for any light you can shed on this.

Hi Colin,

I was able to find your account using the email for your support account, and it is a paid account. The problem is, it is not set to sync the data, which is the reason why you aren't seeing any data on your Pixel 5. If you open the Sync Settings in mSecure on your Pixel 3, and choose to sync via mSecure Cloud, you should see the data sync over to mSecure on your Pixel 5 within a few minutes.

Thanks for the advice Mike, unfortunately I took my Pixel 3 for a bath so the chances of me being able to do that are near zero... My suggestion for mSecure is to make sync to cloud the default or at least show a warning clearly on the main screen that there is no sync taking place.  This would avoid users not switching it on.  Appreciate your prompt advice though.  Cheers.  Colin

Hi Colin,

I'm sorry to hear about your phone, and thank you for the feedback for when the app isn't syncing. That's a good idea that I'm going to add to our feature request list.

Regarding your situation, is your old Pixel 3 completely dead? If it boots up, even if you can't see anything on the screen, we may be able to locate a backup stored on the device.

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