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Upgrade MS4 to MS5 (dropbox)

Troubled with the upgrade on new ipad upgrading old MS4 data from dropbox sync to MS5.

Import worked well since it found the old MS4 file within Dropbox, but not seeing a new file within Dropbox/mSecure folder generated from the MS5 version.  So I am only assuming the MS5 does not store the file on dropbox but instead locally on ipad only?  If so, how would I get other devices once I also move them to Ms5 to sync to this Ms5 file that I am not seeing?

Not seeing much here on this issue,

and I am tempted to move to iCloud in case Dropbox syncing is not supported on Ms5 which it would be strange if it does not, so waiting on this reply before moving forward.

If that is the case, must move to iCloud, would the move be as simple as expected?

Next, I noticed the upgrade discount option too, have created the new Ms5 account, so wondering how this apply to family iOS devices shared or does each family member need to pursue the separate purchase :( ?

(OR is there an option to buy upgrade with discount from apple so we can get family plan applied?)



Update:  Seems Dropbox MS sync file is located within Dropbox/Apps/MS... so that is resolved.

Gathered also, that each family member would need their own MS5 account, hence each would need to buy their plan so plan can be assigned to their account.

What I'm bit worried about, is the account login, being a web service from MS servers,  which also grants access to the encrypted file. So if such passwords happen to get leaked from your database, how is the encrypted file access protected?

Hi George,

There are a few things to clarify here. First, the data stored in Dropbox in mSecure 4 cannot be synced into mSecure 5. The sync data is not compatible between the two versions of the app. When you upgrade from mSecure 4 to mSecure 5, the data is actually migrated by mSecure 5 having access to mSecure 4's database file stored locally on the device.

For the sync data stored in Dropbox, you already figured out that mSecure 5's data is synced to a different location. The old location is Dropbox/mSecure, and the new location is Dropbox/Apps/mSecure 5. To reiterate the information above, mSecure 5 doesn't see the data in mSecure 4's Dropbox location, and mSecure 4 cannot see the data in mSecure 5's Dropbox location.

With regards to your account login, there are a couple of things to be aware of. First, mSecure's servers doesn't grant access to any encrypted files. I'm not sure exactly what you mean by that statement, but even if you have the email address and password for your mSecure account, that doesn't mean you can access it. You have to have your account key in order to be authenticated as the owner of the account, and then you're granted full access to it.

Also, your data is not actually encrypted with your account password. The account password signs you in to your mSecure account, which is needed so that the app can retrieve account settings and licensing information, but it's doesn't encrypt the data you store in mSecure. Also, if you are using Dropbox syncing your data is not stored in the mSecure Cloud. Since your data is in Dropbox and not in mSecure Cloud, even if your account password was used for the data encryption, Dropbox doesn't know anything about your account password. In that case, a hacker who may have gotten a hold of your mSecure Password, would then have to hack your Dropbox account in order to get access to the data stored there.

However, as mentioned, your data is not encrypted with your account password, so if a hacker were somehow able to get access to that password, they wouldn't be able to hack into your data even if they were able to hack into your Dropbox account. Your data is protected with your account key, which is stored in the Authentication Email sent to you when your account was first set up. That email has your account key stored in an encrypted state. The password used to decrypt that account key is your mSecure Account password. So in order for someone to steal your information, they would have to first hack the mSecure account system to get a password they know is yours. Next, they would have to hack your email service to get access to the Authentication Email, and then they would have to hack your Dropbox account to get access to the sync data.

Does the MS account control what versions of the app we use?

i.e if we tested beta, does it limit to only use that app and not previous stable version?  If so, I think this should be removed from MS account control settings from your end, as no way to revert to stable since any stable app upon login, pops the toast msg, to use newer available version (being the beta) - which is why we need to get out of it.

p.s. Have a new topic posted, but that is pending approval, so thought will reply here since you outlined how MS account works too to me.

Hi George,

I think you mean Production version when you mention "Stable" version. The latest beta release of v6 is definitely stable, though you may have experienced a problem. At this point, we wouldn't release a beta version that isn't stable. Are you running into problems in v6, and if so, what are the problems you are experiencing?

To clarify how v6 works, it installs over the top of mSecure 5. The database file for v5 is taken to a new location, and it's upgraded to v6, and the account v5 is signed into is also upgraded to v6. Other v5 apps signed in to the same account will no longer be able to sync to the account unless the account is reverted back to a v5 account. You can use mSecure 5 again, but before you can do that, I would need to help you set up the account so the old app can be run as normal again.

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