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iOS 14.6

1) I’m not even sure which version of mSecure software (light blue key icon) that I’m currently running! mSecure 4? But all I know is after upgrading to iOS 14.6, when I try running mSecure by hitting the ‘light blue key icon’, I get a message pops up asking me to update the software as it no longer runs under this new iOS 14.6 2) when I go to Apple AppStore to search for mSecure, I could only find “password manager - mSecure” ver 5.7.2. Instead of the usual “Update” button, it is an “Open” button???? Hitting the Open button launches into mSecure 4-page intro and at the end is a “get started” option bar. Should I hit ‘get started’? What happen to my current (password) data? Will it be migrated automatically? I need to get my passwords data migrated quickly as I rely on them to log in to some of my accounts…

Hi Tao,

Thank you for contacting us, and I’m sorry to hear about the issue you’re experiencing after the recent iOS update. I'm not sure I'm fully understanding some of what you have written here, but if you are using mSecure 5 for the first time, you should be able to simply sign up for a new account, and after choosing a sync feature, the app should ask you if you would like to transfer your information in from mSecure 4. The data will be migrated after say yes to the transfer.

Were you able to set up a new mSecure 5 account, and did your existing data get transferred?

1) I’m not even sure which version of mSecure I’m currently running. The mSecure is a light blue colored icon! Is there a way to find out it’s version? 2) The usual way to update mobile app when told current version does not run anymore is to go to AppStore to ‘refresh’ by hitting the “Update” button after locating mSecure (dark blue/black icon) app. Instead I see the ‘Open’ button as though my current mSecure is already up-to-date? 3) Hitting the ‘Open’ button of mSecure 5.7.2 in the AppStore, I got to see some intro pages. At the last page, I saw a ‘Get started’ bar. I’m hesitant to hit the ‘Get started’ option. Should I go ahead as I can’t risk to lose my current password data? I look forward to hearing from you soon as I need to quickly recover my password data!

Hi Tao,

The typically way to update is to upgrade the same app. However, with mSecure 5, we created a different app entirely so that our customers wouldn't be forced in to upgrading to a new version of the app that was a paid upgrade. Since the app is a different app entirely, it's not tied to mSecure 4 in any way, and it works much differently. You will need to create an account in mSecure 5, and after doing so, you should be able to migrate your information during the account setup.

I hope that all makes sense, but if not, let me know, and I'll provide clarification. The short answer is, you should tap the option to Sign Up for a new account in mSecure 5. It will have no adverse effect on the data stored in mSecure 4, and after choosing a sync feature, you should be asked if you would like to transfer your information in from the old app.

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