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version 4 restore

OK, I found an old I phone I had and I can get into my V.4.  I have my saved backups in my email.  How do I restore my backups to that version on my old iphone?  It is just spinning and says "Retrieving Backup list.  Attempting to connect to computer. "  Should I download my mBackup to a file?  I entered my IP address, but it is just spinning.

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Hi Anne,

Are you trying to restore your data in mSecure 5, or are you trying to restore it in mSecure 4? I think you are trying to upgrade to mSecure 5 here, but I need to make sure before I send you instructions.

I am trying to restore from my mSecure version 4, but I don't have that password anywhere - how do I get that reset, so that I can restore from my version 4 mSecure data?

I look forward to your response.

Hi Debbie,

Thank you for contacting us. Are you saying you cannot unlock the mSecure 4 app on any of your devices? Do you happen to have access to your information on at least one device even if it's just using Touch or Face ID?

Hi Mike

Yes, what I am saying is I do not have access on any of my devices for the older version and now all of my data is gone. I have all of my passwords and my parents passwords saved for security purposes. I have had to reset passwords as required, since I can't recall the mSecure data. I desperately need help.

Thank you, Debbie

Hi Debbie,

Can you let me know more about how you found yourself in this position? It's not very common for a user to contact us after suddenly not being able to open mSecure. Typically, they find themselves in similar situations after upgrading their phone and no longer having access to mSecure since they had to turn in their old device. Are you saying you were able to open mSecure 4 a month or so ago and then you went to open it again, and you didn't know your password?

The problem is, we do not have access to your mSecure password, regardless of the version you are running. The password is never stored in plain text, and it's never transmitted to us or over the internet in any manner, so there's just no way for me to retrieve it for you. Also, the data stored in mSecure is encrypted with your password, so there is no way to decrypt it without knowing that password. There are simply no backdoors into your data, which is the main reason why it's a secure system.

In these situations, all I can do is try to figure out some way to access the information on some device, and that's usually by having the user open the mSecure 4 app on a different device. However, it doesn't sound like that's possible here, so I need to understand what could cause you to find yourself in that state.

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