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Adjustable font size / compact viewing mode (iOS)

Hello -- I am wondering if you would please add an option for an adjustable font size or compact viewing mode in mSecure 5 (iOS + MacOS)?

Context: I recently upgraded from mSecure 4 > 5 because mSecure 4 is no longer supported by the new versions of iOS. While I enjoyed the smooth upgrade process am a fan of the cross-plat syncing, the current font size will likely be dealbreaker for me when my trial period ends. 

I use a 2016 iPhone SE and in mSecure 4 I could see 7 records in my viewport. In mSecure 5 (iOS) I can only see 5 records in the viewport as a result of a larger font size. This reduction in viewable information makes navigation unbearable for me.

I recognize that some people may appreciate the larger font size, though the current formatting feels inaccessible to all audiences. I've noticed a few posts on this dating back three years and figured I'd bump the topic as it doesn't seem progress has been made.

Thank you for your help!

Hi Dan,

We do have a font size changing feature on our radar, but it won't be available until future releases of mSecure 6. One thing to mention is that the font sizes for mSecure 5 follow the font sizes in the default iOS apps, which can be changed in the iOS Settings app. I'm not sure what was changed exactly in v5, but I am guessing we found that the sizes in v4 were not quite in line with the iOS sizes, so we made the larger for v5.

The only real solution here is add an app-specific feature for font sizes, because if we change them at lower level, it will just cause problems for other users. Again, this is on our radar, but it won't be available for awhile.

Hi Mike,

Thank you for your timely response. I greatly appreciate the transparency with respect to the timeline for a font-size-changing feature.

In terms of finding a quicker resolution, would your team be willing to 1) file this as a hi-pri bug instead of a feature request,  and 2) consider one or a combination of the following mitigations (ranked by my estimated potential of impact)?

A) Scale down the iOS font size setting > mSecure's font size mapping.

B) Widen the horizontal margin to enable more words of a record's title to fit on a single line.

I understand that mSecure's font sizes are mapped to the iOS font size setting (which can be changed by the user for accessibility). With this however, I personally still feel that the current font mapping is a bug resulting from a probable UX miss by the Product Design team (if you have one). My reasons are because:

1) The font size used for mSecure's record titles is larger than any font size I've found in any of the other apps on my phone or that I've worked on (i.e. the scaling seems to be off relative to standard).

2) The font size is less of an issue on larger devices that I've tested, though it's still sub-optimal IMO. This suggests to me that smaller devices may have been overlooked during development which, apart from the issue at hand, can lead to unanticipated issues with gesture inputs (if mSecure is considering adding any new ones in the future).

3) The font size scaling issue repro's with changing the device-level font size (i.e. making the device's font size larger makes mSecure's font larger, as expected). This indicates to me that the issue is at the design level, not the device level.

I appreciate your time in considering this feedback as I've enjoyed mSecure for a few years now and would love to help the product improve so that I can continue using it.

Thank you!

Hi Dan,

Thank you again for your feedback. To be entirely transparent, this feature isn't going to be expedited for the v6 public release. At this time, the new version is feature complete, and we aren't doing anything other than fixing bugs so the release can be as stable as possible. Also, we receive so very few requests about the font size, that it just can't be a priority for us right now.

One other thing to mention, while we do have plans to work on font sizes, it's not going to be so intricately adjustable that each and every part of the app's fonts will be able to be catered to each of our customer's liking. That's just not able to be done. I suspect, there will a preference with options like "Small, Medium, Large, X-Large" or something similar, and it will apply that change across the board. 

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