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Can’t unlock v4 to sync

Hi, I have downloaded V5 as v4 will ne longer launch after iOS update. However now I find I can’t sync data as I don’t know the password for v4 as I always used touch to open it. Can you help me retrieve v4 password please?

Hi Ray, 

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing after the most recent iOS update. I see posted a response in another thread, but I'm going to delete that one to continue our correspondence here. In mSecure 4, were you using Touch or Face ID to unlock the app? Is that why you can't remember your password?

Hi, yes I was using Touch and that is why I can’t recall the password.
I think I need to follow the same process as Lorenzo - to download the test app and give you my Apple ID via email so I can retrieve my password.

You hit the nail on the head Ray! Have you downloaded the TestFlight app, and do you want to install the utility app to retrieve your password? If so, go ahead and give your Apple ID, and we'll proceed. Like I mentioned with Lorenzo, if you don't want to write that out in a forum response, we'll have to this via email instead.

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