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Hello, I'm using windows 10 and every day I do a full scan with malwarebytes the other day he discovered various viruses,, I don't know what these viruses do as a precaution I changed the password of Msecure in addition I changed the password to various important sites, but I was thinking that if Msecure had double verified it would be more secure, why not consider inserting the double verification example with authentication app? Thanks.

Hi Maurizio,

When you suggest double verification, are you referring to Two-Factor Authentication?

Hi, that's right I would like Msecure to consider having two-factor authentication, it would make Msecure a more secure and complete program.

We do have 2-factor authentication on the radar for mSecure 6. It almost made its way into the first release, so I expect it should be in the first or second release after 6.0.

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