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The latest iOS update is forcing me to upgrade from version 4. The process seems incredibly frustrating and the information on this site thin, to say the least.

I have two simple questions:

1. Can I use mSecure without storing *any* of my data on *any* cloud whatsoever?

2. Once installed, can mSecure be used without *any* kind of Internet connection?

thank you

@Jay I'm not sure exactly what you are looking for here, but I can tell you if something were to happen to mSeven Software, we would make sure you were able to access your data. There would be no reason for us to block the app's access if we were no longer running our servers on which license checks were being made. In the unlikely event that mSeven Software ceased to operate as a company, we would simply release an update to make it possible for you to access your data on an ongoing basis without having to connect to the server.


Thanks for your patience. I hate to say this, but I'm still not entirely sure I understand. 

On one hand, your reply to me indicates that the answers to my original questions are "yes" and "yes".

On the other, in your reply to Jay, you say, "we would simply release an update to make possible for you to access your data on an ongoing basis without having to connect to the server". Which implies that, at present, it is *not* possible to access my data without connecting to your server.

What am I missing?

@Ras The problem here is that I'm trying to go over many different scenarios in one thread, so that's causing confusion. The answers to your questions are "yes" and "yes" as you thought. What Jay is wondering about is if our servers were no longer functional, how would mSecure make license checks, which is a different scenario than running mSecure offline. If mSecure is online and has an internet connection, it will try to run a license check, and if the check fails, then the app will tell you you're not licensed, and you won't be able to sync. So, if something happened to mSeven Software, we would simply make it to where licensed apps will always work for Wi-Fi, Dropbox and iCloud syncing (mSecure Cloud syncing would stop functioning, however, because it is our own proprietary sync system).

Your questions, unless I'm misunderstanding, is about running mSecure offline with no internet connection. If there is no internet connection, mSecure still functions as it should, and you would be able to sync only via Wi-Fi if the last known IP Address is the same on your network. In this case, any client devices would have the correct IP Address of the main computer, so they would be able to communicate over your Wi-Fi network. However, if the IP Address changes while you are offline, Wi-Fi syncing will cease to work, because the client device apps don't have the correct IP Address for the Main Computer any longer. Once you go back online, everything should be resolved, because the IP Address for the main computer will be updated.

It's confusing, but mSecure is designed to work offline where a license check cannot be made. However, if it is online, a license check could be made, and if it fails, the syncing will be disabled. It just occurred to me I'm over explaining this, because once mSecure knows the account it's signed in to is a paid account, I'm pretty sure it doesn't even run the license check again. Regardless, you are fine to use mSecure offline, but Wi-Fi syncing can be adversely affected.

I've been following this thread with great interest as I wasn't aware that mSecure servers were required if the internal IP address of the main computer changed.

I would respectfully suggest that you change this - it should be possible to find the main computer from the secondary device without needing a remote server - even if this requires manually entering the IP address of the main computer.

That way we know that whatever happens in the future to mSecure or their servers we will still be able to function and wifi sync will work.

Thank you for the feedback on this @Andy. Like I mentioned in the post above, should something ever happen to mSeven Software, we would make sure the app would continue functioning correctly for our customers. I'm sure this issue with the Wi-Fi syncing is not the only change that would have to be made, so there would need to be updates to the app regardless of whether or not the IP Address was able to be entered manually, if that makes sense.


I think I understand now. Thanks for your patience in clearing up this issue.

I'm afraid, though, that I dislike the mSecure 5 model, with its reliance on something as fungible as the IP number; the need to set up a "main computer"; and the need to access the Internet for full functionality. To my mind, a truly secure tool, after the initial set up, should not *have* to access the Internet for any reason. I guess I have to figure out now if any of the alternatives are closer to what I want.

Thank you once again.

No problem at all Ras! Please let me know if you have other questions about this.

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