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Sync two PCs over VPN with different ip ranges

I've recently configured a site to site VPN across two locations.  Location 1 has an ip range of 192.168.1.x.  Location 2 uses an ip range of 192.168.10.x.  All IPs are reachable across the VPN.

In the past I've used the MSecure cloud sync option, but wanted to switch to use a Wifi sync.  I designated a desktop in Location 1 as the master instance, and my android phone successfully synced with this desktop while local to the Location 1 network.

I remoted into a desktop in Location 2 and tried to sync its MSecure with the master instance which is in Location 1, but it thinks it's on a different network, since technically the ip range is different (.10.x vs .1.x).  I suspect MSecure is by default assuming the host isn't reachable without actually checking.

Is there a way around this limitation?  The host in Location 1 is fully reachable from the PC in Location 2.  

Thanks in advance.

Hi John,

Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, the Wi-Fi syncing is only designed to be used within the same range of IP Addresses, so it won't be possible to sync in your current configuration. Is it possible for you to change the ranges in the VPN so that they are the same? If you are, and if the devices are communicating with one another, the syncing should work.

Thanks Mike.

I ended up reverting to the MSecure Cloud sync for the moment.

As this is the only PC I will have that problem with I may just try connecting to the client VPN at location 1 when I need to sync.  It's not often I need to do so.

No problem at all John! Take care.

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