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Fastest and best sync method for iOS devices

Just curious about other mSecure users’ experience. I have had less than ideal results syncing with iCloud and mSecure Cloud. Not entirely impossible (with either say, after up to a week of various efforts) among 4 devices, but certainly not quick. Which of the two do you find best? (Or is hard-core manual sync the best?)

@Rebekah The instructions above are not for checking anything in mSecure 4. Those instructions are for mSecure 5. I need you to check to see which email address is showing next to the Username in each of your mSecure 5 apps before we move forward. You are going to need to reset that account, but I need to make sure I'm having you reset the correct one first, or this will turn into chaos.

@Mike For some reason my whole comment is not posting. My email addresses do not match. The email address on my laptop is correct. When I tried to reset the address on my iPad it said the address was already taken and would not let me rest it to match. 

@Rebekah I'm not sure what's happening with the post, but I believe I'm going to need to get some information from you that you won't want to post here publically, so it would be best to move this to email correspondence instead. Go ahead and email us at, and add "Attention Mike: Accounts Don't Match" in the subject line. Let me know here in this thread after you send the email, and I'll respond as soon as I see it.

@Mike you should have an email from me now.

@Rebikah We're in contact now via email, so we'll keep the correspondence there from here on out.

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