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Default group

 Is there a way to set a default group so that when I open the app on ios it doesn't automatically have ALL open but instead only the default group?  I have info for 2 separate jobs that I don't need to see all the time, but yet I do because they show up at the top of the list everytime I open the program.

Thank you for contacting us Kim! At this time, we don't have a great solution for what you need here. There are only two things I can think of to help. First, you should be able to set a filter for a group (Windows and iOS) or multiple groups (iOS), and as long as you don't force close mSecure, when you open it again, that filter should still be set. Second, and this one is really not a good solution at all, but you could use the Favorites feature to mark certain records as favorite, then either leave the favorites filter on or off in the main view. Again, as long as you don't force close mSecure, that filter will remain set when the app goes into the background.

Thank you for the response - I was hoping for a better answer, but overall it is not a big issue, just a pet peeve. I am not in the app often enough to leave it open all the time, so I will just deal with it as is.  Enjoy the New Year!

No problem at all Kim, and I'm sorry there wasn't a better solution. I hope your Holidays have been great so far, and you have a Happy New year too!

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