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DO you HAVE to use same password for app as customer account?

I recently upgraded to 5 from (older) version 4 of mSecure. To do this, I needed to create a new account and password to buy the app. The password I made is a real strong (long) one. Come to find out, I am forced to use that same long password for the app on my phone too. It was terrible to have to type that in every time I needed to use the app on my phone. I feel I did not need that much security on the app as my phone locks already, so I changed the password to a simple 6 digit one. Then I realized doing that also changed the password on my user/customer account for mSecure too!

So I feel I am forced to suffer using a long password to open this app, or have a terribly unsecure password for my account.  I do not use face recognition or fingerprint reading

Do these passwords NEED to be the same? Why can't we choose to have a local password to unlock the app. Just as a reference, I do not want store my data in the cloud, it is local on my computer at home and use my own secure WiFi for backups. So I do not need my password to be the same as a cloud storage location. 

Am I missing a trick to have separate passwords?

Since the local app login password seems to link to my customer account, does that mean all my passwords do too? I am a bit nervous since I do not know what goes on in the background of the app. I am assuming I am only saving these locally at my home, but I am not sure.


Hi Bob,

I just answered this question in another thread you posted, but I forgot to ask about biometric unlock. Are you saying you don't want to use face or fingerprint recognition for unlocking mSecure, or does you device not have the feature? Using biometric unlock is actually the answer to the problem you are facing, so I wanted to recommend setting up that feature if you haven't already.

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