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Must I Subscribe to Dropbox with mSecure 5

I have been a mSecure customer for several years.   During initial setup back then I needed a Dropbox account.  I no longer use Dropbox but am paying a $119 annual fee.  Must I have a Dropbox account to use mSecure?  I have mSecure on my Windows laptop and Android phone.

Hi Roger,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. You don't need to have a Dropbox account in order to sync your information using mSecure. Using the Dropbox cloud service is just one of the methods available for syncing. The sync feature we recommend is mSecure Cloud syncing. It's most definitely the most user-friendly option for syncing, since there is no need to tie into a third-party service. You can change to using mSecure Cloud syncing in the Sync Settings of the mSecure app on any of your devices. Also, the settings is account-wide, so you only need to change it on one device.

That was simple, thank you for the help.

No problem at all Roger! Take care, and let us if you need further assistance.

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