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setting the app up on my wife's phone

I have set up the app on my wife's phone with my password and QR code but I don't see any passwords in the app.


Hi Felix, and thank you for contacting us. As long as you are signed in to the same account, and you have enabled one of mSecure's sync features, your data should sync over to your wife's devices. I looked for an account using your email address, but I wasn't able to find an account. Do you know if you have one of mSecure sync features set up in your account, and if so, which feature are you using?

Hello Mike,

I thought I had sync set up going to iCloud.  Please advise.  I'm looking at the sync settings in the app right now

Hi Felix,

When syncing in this context, it's best to use mSecure Cloud. You and your wife are most likely signed in to different iCloud accounts, and in that case, your mSecure data can't sync. With mSecure Cloud syncing, it doesn't matter which iCloud accounts you are both signed in to. What happens when you change the sync feature to mSecure Cloud syncing in mSecure's Settings on one of your devices?

Mike,  thanks.  that fixed the issue!

It's great to hear the syncing is working Felix!

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