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Autofill passwords, msecure 5, macos 10.17.5

Ah, I see from an older post that you don’t yet have a Safari extension for this, so I’ll delete the ticket I posted today and continue the good ol’ copy/paste routine. (I don’t use the laptop much anymore, so no big deal.) Just wondering: is a Safari extension still in the works? I know from today’s Safari update Apple is getting a little weird with macos Safari security thinking as they do that they know better than I do, what’s good for me. /s

Hi Albo,

Thank you for contacting us. Yeah, Apple is getting increasingly, maybe overly, aggressive with software security and all the permissions needed. As of now, we are planning on a Safari extension, but for the first release of version 6, it may only support extensions for Chrome and Firefox. Edge will be supported as well, but that's only because it's just Chrome with different skin. The development for Safari extensions is a much different process, so it's possible its support will be added in the first or second release following 6.0.

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