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version 4 won't open

Had a V4 app on my iPhone X which crashed and died yesterday. Phone was replaced with a new one, but put all apps back from iCloud backup. However, V4 app now is only asking to create a new account. Wont let me get to usual log in page. 

I used face recognition so really need the V4 app to work. Any thoughts?

Hi Luigi,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. It sounds like you have mSecure 5 instead of mSecure 4 installed on your new iPhone. The good news is, you can still download mSecure 4 from your list of purchased apps in the App Store app on your iPhone. The problem is, in mSecure 4, there was no account system, so unless you were syncing your data via Dropbox or iCloud, you will need a backup of your information in order to restore it. Did you create regular email backups in mSecure on your old phone by chance?

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