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-from Mike Reilley 12 replies in topic : Same password I've had since 2014, still works on iPhone 7, won't open newly downloaded app on Windows 10 on my PC

Yes, that is a very good news. It is grate that you found my purchasing  of mSecure 5 a new version.  I hope I can switch to mSecure5 from old version. 

Would it be possible for you to give me my license ID number? 

Yes I want to upgrade from old version to a new version but I need to transfer my file from mSecure3.5.7 to mSecure5.

Could you show me how to transfer the data from old version to a new one?

The good news is, with mSecure 5, there is no license key involved. You simply have an account to sign in to using an email address, and if that account is paid for, everything just works. I found the license under your "" email address, so you should be able to either open mSecure 5 on any of your devices and sign in, or you can download mSecure 5 from the App Store first.

Do you have mSecure 5 installed on any of your devices? If so, what happens when you open the app? Are you asked to sign up or sign in to an account, or are you asked to enter a password to unlock the app?

Hi Michi,

Nick is going to continue to work with you via email. He will be getting in touch with you later today.

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