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Reset my password

I forgot my password and need to setup a new one. I was using facial ID and had to reset it.

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I have upgraded my phone and when my data was transferred,my facial recognition function is not working but instead I am being asked for a password which sadly I have forgotten!

I have been trying to sync my mSecure between my iPhone and desktop computer. Please give me some direction. Dave

Hi Dave and Naim,

Sorry for the late replay here. Dave, it looks like you were able to get the password issue fixed, so that is good news. In order to sync your information, it is most simple to turn on mSecure Cloud syncing in mSecure's Sync Settings. Can you tell me which sync feature you have enabled?

Naim, when your phone is upgraded, the facial recognition data in the OS is not carried over to the new device. This means that even if mSecure is restored after the upgrade, you will not be able to use facial recognition to the unlock the app. mSecure doesn't actually store any authentication data in it, so when facial recognition is enabled, the app is simply asking the OS to authentication via facial recognition, and if it says the user is authentic, it passes what is need to the app so the data stored inside it can be decrypted. Since the OS can't authenticate you with the same biometric data from the last device, it's not possible for mSecure to unlock.

Forgot my password

I have it on my iphone but I want to use it also on my imac

Hi Nelson,

Thank you for contacting us. Were you able to get everything working on your iPhone? The post you wrote just before your last one mentioned forgetting your password. Were you able to remember it? Also, which version of mSecure are you running on your iPhone? That will help me know where to go next with instructions for your iMac.


Hi Nick,

I'm not sure why you responded to this thread with "yes." Can you elaborate on your post?

I’ve forgotten my password as I was using the old app on my iPhone via finger print.

I’ve logged two tickets to reset my password days ago, no response and it’s very urgent I log in.

@Ricky_wilson I just responded to your email, so we'll continue the process there.

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