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haveibeenpwned integration provide an API to check for account compromises. It would be great if this could be integrated into mSecure so that any breaches would be flagged up automatically.

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Hi David,

Thank you for contacting us. This feature is on our radar, and we do have plans to add it to mSecure at some point in the future.

David, I second your suggestion of adding HaveIBeenPwned. I just finished combing that whole site. I really like  what I read.

@David and @Candace We do have plans already to implement Have I Been PWNED functionality in the Security Center, but it won't be added until after v6 is released. We have a couple of features prioritized for the first release after 6.0, so it may take couple releases to get it into the app. However, it will be in the Security Center soon.

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