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Unable to use Kinoni EpocCam to scan QR Codes in the authentication email

Why am unable to scan QR codes from my authentication email using camera option when using Windows Kinoni EpocCam driver which turns my iPad into a webcam using Wi-Fi or USB connection.  I'm using EpocCam HD, the paid version from the Apple App Store and the Windows Kinoni EpocCam 2.98 driver from https://  I tried both Wi-Fi and USB connection methods but the Windows 10 mSecure app from Microsoft Store  still fails to read the QR code from camera even if I line up the QR code in the authentication window.  I'm using a Windows 10 desktop PC.  Do I need a physical webcam such as from Microsoft or Logitech in order to use QR codes?

Hi Keith,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. I'm not familiar with either of those pieces of technology that turn devices into cameras for your PC, so I can't speak to what might be going wrong there. However, it may be something we can fix. When you try to scan the QR code, are you scanning the code in the email, or have you also tried scanning the code you will find in the attached PDF file? If you haven't yet, can you try opening the PDF file and scanning that QR code instead?

I tried to scan from the paper that contains the printed QR code.

Hi Keith,

When you say you scanned it from the paper containing the code, what do you mean? Are you saying you printed out the email that had the QR code in it? Do you still have the authentication email we sent to you when you first signed in to your account?

Also, do you have another device running mSecure 5 that you are able to open and unlock?

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