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Upgrade from 3 to 5 drop Box Sync

I just upgraded my desktop windows version from 3 to 5, but when i synch to drop box, it seems to have created a new synch file vs. using the previous file. Now, when i synch from my iphone it updates the old synch file, but when i synch from my desktop, it is using the new synch file. I've tried unlinking and relinking, but that did not work. What do you suggest? 

Hi Kevin. Thank you for getting in touch with us, and I'm sorry for the delayed response. mSecure 5 cannot sync in data from the older version's Dropbox sync file. The only way to migrate information is to create a backup from the old version and restore from that backup file in version 5. If you can let me know what types of devices you are running and which one has all of your information stored in the old mSecure app, I can send you instructions on how to perform the migration.

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