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In a recent reply on the Feature Requests section of the Forum it was announced that mSecure 6 would be available soon and that major enhancements we have been waiting for would not be implemented in mSecure 5.

Will mSecure 6 be considered a completely new product? Will existing customers be expected to pay for this new product in order to get any enhancements?

Will mSecure 5 remain available? Will it still be maintained with bug fixes and security issues?

Will the databases be compatible between these products?

Are there any other implications for existing loyal customers?

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When will version 6 be available on Google play store? My current version tells me it's out of date and won't let me log in. 


i mean.. same for me on Play Store

Just updated to version 6. It says Restore (from backup), biometric unlock (Face ID), cloud synch are features that are premium. We had all these features in v5. Confused because v5 features are supposed to be included in essentials tier. What am I missing?

@Rob @Stefano The Android version is getting rolled out gradually, and users who get the app are chosen at random by the Play Store. It's currently at 50% rolled out. Everyone should have access to the app after a week's time. The good news is that V5 is functional when V6 has been installed on a different device. The only difference is you will see an upgrade notice that can be dismissed, and syncing is disabled. When V6 is installed, everything will be resolved.

@Puneet None of the features you mentioned are Premium features. They are all included with the Essentials subscription. Where are you seeing what is confusing you? If you could provide a screenshot, that would be helpful.

Please see attached list under premium features. Thanks.

PLS per customer able to still use v5 on android. And let warning to update only when V6 is ready on store Is not good that we can't enter for one problem of switching by your side

Thanks for a great product, we upgraded all our phones to premium this morning. Few questions.

1, When will the Iphone upgrade be available in the app store?  Current app says to go upgrade, but only see version 5.

2, Any chance of an add all records to the apple watch app option, instead of just doing it with each individual record?

3, Are we grandfathered into the annual subscription price going forward for future upgrades?

@mike - msecure Unfortunately that's not accurate. I am unable to dismiss the upgrade notice on my android and log on.

Just got the desktop upgrade to mSecure 6 on Windows 10. A couple things:

1. My passwords aren't loading right. All Items is at 0, but the Security Center is showing passwords, which I can access

2. Where is search?

3. As you can see from the attachment, I'm on a 30 day premium trial. Will that automatically revert to Essentials at the end of 30 days?

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I just discovered something regarding MSecure 6 on Windows 10. First of all I wasn’t intending to install v6 yet for a couple weeks on any of my devices. This morning when I brought up mSecure on my Windows 10 desktop it is now v6. If I edit a record it doesn’t sync with my iPhones which is still intentionally on v5. Why/how did v6 get on my desktop when I’ve been in v5 for years? Am I now forced to update all my devices now instead of waiting?

"I just discovered something regarding MSecure 6 on Windows 10. First of all I wasn’t intending to install v6 yet for a couple weeks on any of my devices.This morning when I brought up mSecure on my Windows 10 desktop it is now v6. If I edit a record it doesn’t sync with my iPhones which is still intentionally on v5.Why/how did v6 get on my desktop when I’ve been in v5 for years?Am I now forced to update all my devices now instead of waiting?"

I was surprised to see the upgrade already installed on the Mac, but would have upgraded anyways. I'm not thrilled that they didn't wait until all the apps were ready. I was trying to add a bunch of records and realized they weren't syncing to my Iphones. Then saw the new version Iphone app wasn't available. Fortunately, I can still access the old version with the Iphones.

I've upgraded to msecure 6 and I'm very happy with improvements such as OTP and browser extension.

A question is about if it's possible to fill OTP/2FA field automatically via browser extension when needed.

Currently, it's really easy to login via auto filling user/password but for OTP field, I need to copy/paste from msecure manually.

Well I finally read this entire thread, and I finally see Mikes's viewpoint on a subscription-only model and I realize nothing I can do can change the mind of the developers because they don't vote like that.  They vote in board meetings and base decisions on projections and evergreen products are good for business or at least they seem to...

I will never pay a subscription monthly subscription because of bad actors in the past.. mostly my fault so I don't trust myself or life just happens.

You're going to lose a ton of long-term clients and after reading this thread I can see you're prepared to kill off most of your clients do or die.

How about if you could capitalize on this instead of putting on blinders and ramming forward?

What if you offered a one-time payment for those who don't want to pay a monthly or yearly license?  Like me... in addition to your monthly/yearly subscription model

Option 1 - Lifetime license for $199  (1 account for unlimited devices... PC, MAC, iPad, iPhone, ect.....)

Option 2 - Lifetime license for $249 (7 accounts for unlimited devices........) This is like paying 8.3 years in advance at $2.49 per month.

Option 3 - Major Version License - $99 (This is like paying 3 years in advance) 3 years seems to be the life cycle of a version.

I would pay for Option 2 because I have, Me, a Wife, 2 kids, and parents......

If you dead set on subscription-only... I am not going to stay.

I hate to lose a relationship shop since 2011 only to pay this exact amount to your competitors with no history.

Don't automatically upgrade the major versions... it's like putting all your eggs into one basket.. if you have a problem.. all your users are falling off the same cliff on the upgrade.

I thought I would offer this one last suggestion before I spend the money with another service, even though I know I have a free pass on 6.0 (Essentials)

Just want to say thanks to the MSeven Team for V6.  I love it and have upgraded both my pro 5 licenses to premium subscription.  It is a bargain and I will continue to promote it as an excellent solution to all those I come into contact with.  

I am also a business owner providing services (as opposed to physical products) and head of security and infrastructure for another large company.  I totally support your move to subscription and understand the need.   I first bought Msecure in 2010 and upgraded to V5 in 2012.  I cant think of any other software I have, that was purchased that long ago, and still works let alone be supported.  In 2010 the threats to our cybersecurity were incomparable to the levels we see now.  Your commitment to maintaining a one-time purchase from customers for this length of time is exceptional and needs to be applauded.     

The ongoing effort and costs required to maintain a  service that has to protect your security are not trivial.

Local and cloud IT Infrastructure and Network links; Premises; Insurance; Staff Costs - Developers, Support, Administration. 

I would also be interested in discussing if you have plans for a corporate version.  I wish to provide employees with a password manager for business use.   This is approximately 1400 people who actually use computers for work.  I would also like to offer them and another 600 who don't use computers for work, the opportunity to use such a service for their personal life (but completely separate from work related credentials).   This would need the browser extensions in place for windows users but please contact me if you think it worth further conversation.

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