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In a recent reply on the Feature Requests section of the Forum it was announced that mSecure 6 would be available soon and that major enhancements we have been waiting for would not be implemented in mSecure 5.

Will mSecure 6 be considered a completely new product? Will existing customers be expected to pay for this new product in order to get any enhancements?

Will mSecure 5 remain available? Will it still be maintained with bug fixes and security issues?

Will the databases be compatible between these products?

Are there any other implications for existing loyal customers?

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@Ai and @Andy No problem at all guys, and it's good to hear you were able to get the tags back. I've already heard back from our developer, and he was able to fix the issue with the tags not getting converted. To be clear, that was only an issue during migration and should not have any effect on the workings of the app now that you have restored from a backup to get the tags back. You can use use Windows version as you normally would now.

@Andy Thank you as well for your ongoing feedback and for the congratulations!

@Mike, I think I misunderstood your comment a little, I thought I had to wait for your fix to get the tags back, but seeing @Andy do it, I recovered mine as well, I have all my tags back on the Windows app and all my iOS devices. For those that need the instructions, this is what I did:

On Windows desktop app (with the missing tags):

Create v6 backup of what you have now - Settings -> Backups -> Backup now

Restore v5 passwords - Settings -> Backups -> Restore Data -> Choose latest v5 backup (xxxx.msib) -> Leave default toggle to 'Merge' so that it merges any new passwords that have been created since the last backup

Tags should be restored on the Windows app.

Hope this maybe useful to someone.

@Mike  more comments sorry. I went into security center on the Windows app but there seems to be a discrepancy with the iOS apps. On Windows I have 209 weak, 146 duplicate, 299 old - on iOS I have 204 weak, 146 duplicate, 265 old. As they are analysing the same file, shouldn't both platforms report the same results?

@Scott Thank you so much for the feedback on the new version of mSecure!! We're really, really excited to have finally released V6. I know you all have had to wait for a long time, but we do think it will be worth the time it took to get things right. There's still so much in store, but this first step is finally taken!

With regards to the tags, our developer was able to fix the issue that happened during the migration, but as mentioned in another response, that won't help with users who have already upgraded to V6. You are more than welcome to re-tag records if you would like, but if you have a recent backup, you can restore from it to get the tags back.

And extensions for Windows will be coming! It's one of our top priorities for the Windows version. The actual programming in the browser is already done, and that part of the port should be fairly straightforward, but since mSecure is still a UWP app, there are a lots of work-arounds that have to be implemented in order to have native communication between the local app and the browser, which is the route we took for the extensions. That is to say, the extensions only talk to the mSecure app installed on the device and not to the mSecure Cloud or any other cloud system to get your data to the browser.

@Ai No problem at all with more comments, and it's great to hear you were able to recover your tags! Just a quick note, our developer already fixed the bug you and other ran into on Windows, and we're going to be releasing the update as soon as it's approved by Microsoft.

For the discrepancy you're seeing in Security Center, that's a problem we're aware of, but we're not sure if it can be fixed to match exactly on each platform. iOS and Windows use a slightly different password strength determination algorithm, so the strengths are found to be slightly different in cases. Do you by any chance have the five example of the weak passwords that are not showing up on iOS?

The one thing that is strange is the discrepancy for the old passwords. That's determined by a certain dates, ranging from 3 to 9+ months old, so I'm not sure why that number is so far off. This is something we'll have to keep on our radar and test to try to see what's causing the differences.

@Mike, I think I found the reason for the discrepancy for the weak passwords in Security Center. The difference of the 5 was due to the records where I added an extra 'password' field into them (it was for an additional admin password). It seems like the Windows version validates the second password field as well which saw it as weak. The iOS version seems to ignore the second password field (I'm not sure if it will ignore any additional password fields). That explains the discrepancy.

As for the old, I couldn't see a pattern, and the discrepancy is too big to see a pattern.

These are not issues for me, as long as I know why it is there then I'm happy. I didn't realise that the passwords are validated via the platform OS, rather than something common in the mSecure app.

Hi Mike,

Reminder to check my comment above just in case you missed it.


@Georgios Thank you for the reminder, and thank you very much for your support and feedback! I saw your comment earlier, but I forgot to respond. My apologies.

For tags, the reason there is no ability to sort is because you can have more than one tag applied to each record. With multiple tags, there's no good way to make programmatic choice as to which one is used for the sorting. The only thing I could think of doing is having a user defined tag for sorting, or make the first tag be sortable, but I think both of those options would cause confusion for the user.

Perhaps I am confused. Tags replaced groups. But Tags are a premium feature. So if we had 5 Pro before aren't we losing a feature?

I haven’t installed v6 yet. I’ll wait a while till these tag issues are resolved. Regarding tags, are you referring to what v5 calls “Group”? Thanks.

@Mark Tags do replace groups, but with an Essentials account, you will have the ability to add one tag to a record. Premium just gives you the ability to add multiple tags to your records.

@Steven The new release for Windows is in submission now, so hopefully it will be available in the store by the end of the day. With regards to the tags issue, if you were to upgrade on a different device that has all your data in mSecure, then uninstall mSecure on your PC and then install V6 on your PC, you wouldn't see any problems. It was only a bug with updating the local database file.

Tags do take over Groups, but they are different features. In previous versions, you could only have a record in one group. Now in V6, you can place as many tags on a record as you would like if you have a Premium subscription. Another difference is that tags have no editing features, though that may change in future releases. Currently, their existence is controlled by whether they are used on at least one record.

Mike, thanks for the group and tag explanation. I have over 500 records. Almost all are assigned some Group name. When I go to v6, will it automatically create the necessary tag that corresponds to the v5 Group name? Otherwise I have to manually create a tag in each of 500+ records.

@Steven In all of the platforms except for Windows, each record's group in mSecure 5 will be migrated into the record as a tag in V6. The bug we're talking about in Windows is that the groups were not getting migrated as tags. To be clear, the issue is fixed in the release we just submitted to the store.

When will version 6 be available on Google play store? My current version tells me it's out of date and won't let me log in.

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