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Do I have a PRO account?


I'm writing to see if I have a PRO account. I was under the impression that I did but after switching phones the app now says my trial expired. 

Can you please email me with a confirmation? Thank you! 

Hi Pearse,

The purchase of an mSecure 5 license is tied to the mSecure account used to purchase it with. I see no license for the email address you are using on this forum. I only see that it was created on Dec. 4th, 2018 and used in mSecure 5 on iOS. If you've purchase an mSecure 5 (mSecure Pro) license, please provide proof of purchase and I can make sure to fix your account here. 

I was charged full price for my pro account, I thought this was being offered for sale price?

@Wendy The sale price is only available on our website. If you purchased from inside one of the mSecure apps, I can help you request a refund from the App Store you purchased through, then you can purchase the license from our website instead. From which mSecure app did you make the purchase for your license?

I purchased on mSecure website and it said 19.99,
I opened a ticket, thanks!

Hi Wendy,

I'm know exactly what happened here. The coupon code that is applied on the site expired for a small period of time, and so your purchase went through as full price. I just processed a partial refund for you, so your price went down to just over $20 total with tax. That refund will post to your account within about 2 days.

Thanks for your help, that was quick!

No problem at all Wendy, and thanks so much for your business!! Let us know should you need further assistance.

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