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Auto-fill Passwords Mac

Will I be able to autofill passwords on mac like I can on the iphone

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HI Jonah,

Thank you for contacting us. AutoFill on iOS is part of the operating system. The same cannot be said about that on Mac. In order to be able to auto-fill or auto-login to websites, a browser extension or plugin is needed. Unfortunately, we do not currently have any browser extensions or plugins available. However, we have been working on browser extensions for some time now and hope to have a big update that introduces our browser extension/plugin out as soon as possible. 

Any updates on a Safari MAC OS browser extension?  Chrome extension?

I was wondering the same thing, just about to change to another app that does.

Hi Everyone,

Both the Chrome and Firefox extensions are beta-ready, but there is still some work for the Safari extension. As soon as possible, we will be releasing mSecure 6 for beta testing, and then it will be released as soon as we are sure everything is working as it should. There is no concrete release date yet, but all our efforts are focused on the v6 release now.

Thank you for the update, looking forward to this.

No problem at all! Hey Lawrence I just saw your other entry that is a duplicate of this thread. I'm going to delete that one just to clean things up on my end =)


Any way of me getting in on a beta testing the Chrome extension on Mac OS?


Hi Mike,

That's no problem at all! Go ahead and send us an email to That way you'll be in our email support system, and I can easily tag you as a beta tester. I'm sure we'll do most of the communication for the beta testing here in the forum, but the list of testers is managed in our email support system.

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