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Recover from 'Deleted items'

I have put a couple items into the 'Deleted' bin by mistake. Is there a way to bring them back to my \personal; folder?

Hi Andrew,

There should be a recover or restore option in the Deleted Items section recover or restore any deleted item or record. Let me know what exact version of mSecure and device you are using and I can provide more detailed instructions. 

Hi Eden,

Thank you for the reply. I am using mSecure 5 version 5.7.0 on my iMac OS 10.15.1,  I also have mSecure  on my iPad Pro, IOS 13.1.3. 

I have looked at my IOS version and, as you say, I can use the settings menu to open 'Deleted Items' to make the changes that I want. However on my iMac I cannot find a  settings menu. I also appear to have a different set of accounts under the 'all items' choice. I upgraded to '5' a few weeks ago, The OS and IOS versions appear to be out of sync. Perhaps this is what I should investigate. 

HI Andrew,

Our Mac app uses Preferences menu like all other Mac apps. To access an app's Preferences, you simply open the app, click the App name on the top left in the Mac Menu, and select Preferences. The shortcut to open the Preferences is command+comma (with the app opened and unlocked).

To start things, let's check what mSecure accounts you are using on your different devices here:

  1. On your Mac, open and unlock mSecure 5
  2. Click command+comma
  3. Click User
  4. What email address is shown here? 
  5. On your iOS devices, open and unlock mSecure 5
  6. Tap the menu icon
  7. Tap Settings
  8. Tap Account Settings
  9. What email address is shown here? 

If you are using different accounts on your devices, you'll need to fix that issue to be able to sync your information across devices. To switch accounts in mSecure 5 on iOS, reinstall the app and sign in to the correct account. To switch accounts in mSecure 5 for Mac:

  1. Open mSecure 5
  2. Click the Option button on your keyboard and hold the key
  3. Click Help in the top menu bar
  4. Select the "Show Data file in Finder" option
  5. Close mSecure 5
  6. Remove the mSecure.mscb file (move it to the trash bin or click command+delete to remove it)
  7. Sign in to your account

As for the Deleted Items, mSecure 5 for Mac has a "Deleted Items" section right in the main view. It is found in the left corner of the app:

To recover a deleted record, simply click the record and select the recover option that you will see in the details section. 

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