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Backups Inaccessible After Android 10

It appears that all the backups I have made since my Pixel 3 updated to Android 10 are no longer accessible. Trying to restore gives me an incorrect password message even though the password worked just fine unlocking the app.

Anyone else try restoring a backup since they upgraded to Android 10?

Hi VK,

I've been using Android 10 on various devices (OnePlus 6/6T/7 Pro, Pixel 3, Pixel 2) since August without any issues. Please note that all backup files are encrypted with the account password in use when the backup file was created. In order to restore from a backup file, you need to enter the password that was used to encrypt it. If you changed your account password at any point, the new account password would not be the password in use for the already created backup files. Only a new backup file would use the new account password.

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