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Pixel 4 Face Unlock

Hi there!

So is there a plan to support Face Unlock on the Pixel 4. As it doesn't have a fingerprint sensor and as my proper password is "complex" this could be a big issue for me!


Hi Eden,

Thanks for the update. Unfortunately I am having the same issue as Olaf. Still have to put password in manually and only setting option is fingerprint which is permanently greyed out.

Hi guys,

I'm sorry that this isn't working as intended. Could you provide me screenshots showing the fingerprint option grayed out? Note that you'll need to allow mSecure to take screenshots in the settings in order for screenshots to work. I'll use the screenshots to show our developers that there is an issue here.

Sure. See attached. Nick

Thank you for the screenshot. I have informed our developers and they should work on this as soon as possible. However, with the holidays this week, an update to fix this issue will likely not be available until early next week.

Hi Eden, 

I've tried to sideload from your link but I get an access denied error so can't. I have Pixel 4 XL.

Kind regards,


Hi Nick,

With the help of a user here, one of our developers and I have managed to fix the issue for Pixel 4 users. However, we still need to update some of the text and change the "Fingerprint unlock" option to say "Biometric unlock" now instead. Unfortunately, we need to pass all the strings to our translation company so that things can be properly translated in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish as well. Because of all that, it'll probably take to the end of next week to get an update to fix this issue out for the general public. 

For now, I'll attach a link here to our latest build that lets Pixel 4 users enable face unlock. However, please note that you will need to enable "Fingerprint" options when enabling the feature at this time. Note that I'll be removing the link at some point and making the file private as well so you'll have to wait for the public release if the link is no longer available here. 

Working face unlock build:

Brilliant Eden! I  can confirm it works for me despite the reference to fingerprint as detailed by you. Many thanks to you and your developers for your efforts. Look forward to the official release soon!

Kind regards,


Just a quick update here. We have a new release for Android that will be ready very soon, and it fixes all of the confusing messaging where it's referring to fingerprint when you're using facial recognition.

Also, it finally fixes the bug keeping facial recognition from working on Pixel 4 devices. Everything is nearly ready...just waiting for a new build with some final bits of cleanup in it.

Thank you all of your patience! Version 5.7.1 will be released shortly.

I have the same problem as Olaf, and 2 months have gone by. How do we use face unlock?
Any progress on this?

Hi Yuri and all other in this thread! We released version 5.7.1 yesterday to the Google Play store. This release has full support for face unlock on the Pixel 4. As long as any newer devices with the more robust camera systems for facial recognition implement Googles new biometrics support, face unlock should work on those devices as well.

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