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Clear iOS keychain options listed in Safari

I’d like to know how to reset/clear the keychain options listed above the keyboard in iOS Safari. I have a website where I have more than one account, a primary account that’s used 99% of the time and another rarely used. Logging in just once to the secondary account now lists it as the default mSecure record to use (I then have to bypass the record by hitting the keychain symbol) I’d like to either re-order what’s listed on the Safari keyboard bar or just clear the one I don’t want to be displayed. How can this be done? /TIA

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Hi Neal,

We have no relation to iOS Keychain or Apple's Safari browser. Our app, mSecure, is not involved in anything related to either Keychain nor Safari beyond our Safari and App AutoFill featuren. Is this about our AutoFill feature, which has nothing to do with iOS Keychain, or is this about Keychain and Safari? 

Could you perhaps provide a screenshot so that I know what you are referring to here? Please note that if using our AutoFill feature, we recommend disabling Keychain. 

  1. Open the Settings app on your iOS device running iOS 12 (if the iOS version is less than 12, the Password AutoFill feature will not be available on that device)
  2. Scroll down and tap "Passwords & Accounts"
  3. Tap "AutoFill Passwords"
  4. Turn on the "AutoFill Passwords" toggle if it is not already in the on position
  5. Under "ALLOW FILLING FROM", make sure mSecure has a checkmark to the right of it, which indicates it has permission to auto-fill your credentials
  6. Make sure that "Keychain" is disabled

Our AutoFill feature will function better without Keychain trying to tag along for your login options as well. Normally, if you have several records listed in our AutoFill feature, mSecure will display the last used record by default something like this (website designed properly):

Tapping the "key" icon on the bottom of the image on top will bring up several account options though like this:

Tapping the "mSecure..." option will bring up mSecure with a list of all login records to choose from. 

how do you do this on a Mac? I sen this on iPhone however there is no settings on a Mac. Did not see autofill option under general preferences.

To add to the above does msecure have a safari extension that can be installed?

@David There is no way to auto-fill data in mSecure 5. That is coming in mSecure 6, which is in beta testing now, however. In mSecure 6, for the first release, there will only be full Browser Extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers. For Safari, we have implemented support for MacOS Password AutoFill, which works just like the iOS Password AutoFill feature described above.

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