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I contacted you yesterday. I cannot get onto my computer without my passwords. I have a new phone and when I opened up mSecure with my password, which I paid 29.95 for, it says that I have a new thirty day trial offer. Please help me. I have work to do.

Hi Marlene, 

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry  about the issues you are experiencing. The purchase of an mSecure 5 license (mSecure Pro) is tied to the mSecure account email address used to purchase the license with. Our system shows that the email address you are using for this support website has a purchase (areidhead at msn dot com). If you are seeing a trial offer, you have created a new account instead of using your existing account. If you have forgotten your account's password, you can learn how to reset your account and create a new account password here:

I'm sorry. I accidently removed your last reply. You don't have to cancel anything. The trial period is completely free. Simply make sure to always use the correct email address when signing in to your mSecure account

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