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Msecure 5 - Restore old data

I bought msecure 4 and now I can not log into msecure 5 and nor restore my old data

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Hi Edison,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you're experiencing. mSecure 5 is a brand new app, and mSecure 5 is the first and only version of mSecure to use an account system. Please create an mSecure account to get started in mSecure 5. Please note that you'll want to start by using mSecure 5 on a device that has the previous version first.

You can always download the previous versions instead:

Hello Mike

On my iPhone I am a happy user of mSecure 4.5.4
I have installed version 5 trial version in order to upgrade and buy the license when the trial expires.

Now I have two versions running.

I have created an account to access my version 5 mSecure, which is empty right now.

Can you pls explain me the steps to get the passwords from the 4.5.4 database in the version 5.

kind regards,


Hi Jolanda,

This should be no problem at all. In order to transfer your information from the older version of mSecure, you can use the steps in this support article:

If you run into any problems making the transfer, please let me know.

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